SR 994/Quail Roost Drive / SW 186 St.

Civil Works Projects


Alternative Delivery, Water/Wastewater, Transportation


Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

Project Date

Sep. 2014 - Jan. 2016

Construction Budget

$ 12.1M

Civil Works, Inc. (CWI) served as the Prime Consultant for a one-mile road improvement project. The project scope encompassed milling and resurfacing the existing roadway, along with significant safety upgrades. CWI’s design addressed pedestrian accessibility, traffic flow, and signalization.

Project Goals

  • Improve road surface quality through milling and resurfacing.
  • Enhance pedestrian safety by reconstructing substandard ramps and upgrading ADA features.
  • Repair damaged concrete sections of driveways and sidewalks.
  • Modernize traffic monitoring at Permanent Traffic Monitoring Site TMS 87-1116 with inductive loops and axle sensors.
  • Improve traffic flow and safety through upgraded signage, pavement markings, pedestrian signals, and a new traffic signal at Homestead Blvd.

Project Outcome

  • Completed one-mile stretch of road with a smooth, resurfaced surface.
  • Enhanced pedestrian accessibility with compliant ramps and ADA features.
  • Repaired damaged concrete sections in driveways and sidewalks.
  • Upgraded traffic monitoring capabilities at TMS 87-1116.
  • Improved traffic flow and safety with new signage, pavement markings, pedestrian signals, and a traffic signal at Homestead Blvd.