We assess environmental impacts, remediate contaminated sites, and design sustainable solutions for a healthy future.​

Our comprehensive environmental engineering services encompass a wide range of expertise to ensure responsible and sustainable development. We specialize in:

  • Site Assessments and Studies:We conduct thorough evaluations of environmentally sensitive lands, including wetland delineations and assessments, to inform development plans while minimizing ecological impact.
  • Wetland Preservation and Mitigation:We develop and implement effective strategies for wetland protection and restoration, including mitigation plans to offset unavoidable impacts from development activities.
  • Dredge and Fill Permitting:Our team navigates the complexities of permitting processes for dredge and fill projects, ensuring compliance with SFWMD, ACOE, and DEP regulations.
  • Stormwater Management:We design and implement Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for construction projects, minimizing potential pollution and protecting water quality.
  • Water Quality Analysis:We conduct comprehensive water quality testing and analysis to assess existing conditions and inform informed decision-making.
  • Permitting and Processing:We provide expert guidance and assistance in obtaining necessary permits from agencies like SFWMD, ACOE, and DEP, streamlining the permitting process for your project.

By working closely with you, we ensure your project adheres to environmental regulations while minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible development practices.

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