We design and build the essential systems that keep our communities running, like water treatment plants, drainage systems, and utilities.​

Civil Works provides comprehensive water and wastewater design and engineering services, ensuring the reliable, efficient, and sustainable management of water resources.

Our services include:.

  • Wastewater treatment plant design:We design and engineer wastewater treatment plants to effectively treat wastewater while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Water distribution system design:We design reliable and efficient water distribution systems to deliver clean water to homes and businesses.
  • Wastewater collection system design:We design efficient wastewater collection systems to transport wastewater to treatment plants.
  • Pump station design:We design and engineer pump stations to move water and wastewater efficiently throughout treatment and distribution systems.
  • Capacity, needs, and feasibility studies:We conduct studies to assess water and wastewater treatment needs, system capacity limitations, and project feasibility.

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