From planning new roads to improving existing traffic flow, we help people and goods move efficiently and safely.​

Our team of experienced transportation engineers brings a comprehensive understanding to every project, tackling a wide range of challenges:

  • FDOT Design: We adhere to the Florida Department of Transportation's (FDOT) design standards and specifications, ensuring compliance and project approval.
  • Roadway Design: Our core expertise lies in the planning, design, and construction of roadways, including new construction, reconstruction, and rehabilitation projects.
  • Signing & Pavement Marking: We design clear and informative signage and pavement markings that guide drivers and improve roadway safety.
  • Signal Design: We optimize traffic flow through the design and implementation of efficient traffic signal systems.
  • Lighting Design: We create safe and functional lighting solutions for roadways, improving visibility and reducing nighttime accidents.
  • TCP / MOT Design: We plan and design Temporary Traffic Control (TCP) and Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plans that minimize disruption and ensure the safety of workers and the public during construction projects.
  • Drainage and infrastructure: We design and implement effective drainage systems to manage stormwater runoff and ensure road sustainability.
  • Resurfacing projects: We deliver cost-effective and durable resurfacing solutions to extend the lifespan of roadways.

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