Structural Design

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Structural Design

Civil Works, Inc has built an excellent reputation by designing complex and technically challenging projects for the past 21 years. Its wide portfolio spans across almost all segments of the building construction such as: Healthcare, Office, Hospitality, Parking, Commercial/Retail buildings, Residential, Educational and Auditorium structures. Based on the usage, economy and speed of construction, Civil works  has designed Reinforced Concrete structures, Post-Tensioned structures and Steel Structures.

  • Structural Design

  • 40/10 Year Certifications

  • Construction Administration

  • Special/Threshold Inspections

  • Restoration

  • Condition Assessments

  • Historic Buildings

  • Building Envelope

  • Miscellaneous Structures

We have also effectively used radiant pipes within PT Flat Plate for cooling. Almost all office buildings and parking structures for Infosys client has been built with PT system resulting in savings in steel and concrete.

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