US 1 / S. Dixie Hwy Resurfacing and Safety Improvements

Civil Works Projects


Roadway, Drainage



Project Dates

2020 - 2022


$ 5.2M

This project involved the resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation of a 2.736-mile stretch of US 1 / S. Dixie Hwy in Miami-Dade County, Florida, between SW 80 St. and Riviera Dr.

Project Goals

  • Improve the overall condition of the roadway surface through milling and resurfacing.
  • Enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists with new refuge islands, crosswalk reconfigurations, and ADA-compliant ramps.
  • Increase traffic flow efficiency with pavement widening and signal upgrades.
  • Implement two traffic monitoring sites for data collection and analysis.
  • Improve intersection functionality and visibility with new signal poles and median taper modifications.

Project Outcome

  • A smoother, safer, and more accessible roadway surface for all users.
  • Enhanced pedestrian and cyclist safety features.
  • Improved traffic flow and reduced congestion.
  • Valuable traffic data collected from monitoring sites for future planning.
  • More efficient and functional intersections.

Challenges and Solutions:
The project encountered potential conflicts between existing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) equipment and new mast arm foundations. CWI successfully addressed this challenge by designing a special foundation that avoided any interference.

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