SR5/Overseas Hwy. Safety and Accessibility Enhancements

Civil Works Projects


Roadway, Drainage



Completed Date

2010 - 2013

Project Budget

$ 5.3M

This comprehensive project spanned four miles of SR5/Overseas Hwy. in the Florida Keys, encompassing Whale Harbor and Windley Key, with a budget of $5.3 million. The project timeline stretched from May 2010 to June 2013.

Project goals

  • Improve emergency preparedness by reconstructing the northbound 10-foot shoulder to facilitate evacuation needs.
  • Enhance road safety by correcting cross-slopes for better water drainage and vehicle stability.
  • Promote sustainable transportation by adding dedicated bike lanes.
  • Increase roadway capacity through minor widening where feasible.
  • Improve drainage infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff effectively.
  • Ensure clear communication and transparency through public involvement strategies.
  • Minimize environmental impact by designing innovative drainage solutions to avoid wetland disruptions and accommodate a new sanitary sewer system.

Final outcome

  • A safer and more accessible roadway for residents, tourists, and emergency responders.
  • Improved drainage system for better flood control and road safety.
  • Dedicated bike lanes encouraging eco-friendly transportation options.
  • Enhanced capacity for managing traffic flow.
  • Successful public engagement and collaboration throughout the project.
  • Minimized environmental impact through innovative drainage design.

Challenges and Solutions: The project faced the significant challenge of managing extensive public involvement during construction. CWI effectively addressed this by implementing robust communication strategies and maintaining transparency throughout the process. Additionally, the team designed innovative drainage solutions that adhered to environmental regulations and accommodated the new sewer system without impacting wetlands.

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