Miami Dade College Medical Campus Parking Garage Traffic Study

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Miami Dade College Medical Campus

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$ 28.4M

Civil Works, Inc. (CWI) conducted a comprehensive traffic study for the new 1550-car, 6-story parking garage project at Miami Dade College’s Medical Campus. This project aimed to replace the existing 500-car surface parking lot and improve traffic flow around the campus.

Project Goals

  • Assess existing traffic conditions and potential impacts of the new parking garage.
  • Analyze parking demand based on campus population and parking generation standards.
  • Evaluate potential Level of Service (LOS) changes for surrounding roadways.
  • Design driveway and left-turn lanes to accommodate traffic flow.
  • Develop traffic calming options to enhance pedestrian safety.

Project Outcome

  • Comprehensive traffic study report identifying potential impacts of the new parking garage.
  • Recommendations for managing traffic flow and minimizing congestion.
  • Designed driveways and left-turn lanes for efficient traffic movement.
  • Traffic calming proposals to improve pedestrian safety.

Additional Notes:

  • The study utilized the ITE Parking Generation Report for accurate parking demand estimation.
  • Traffic counts were conducted in coordination with Miami Dade County.
  • Queue analysis ensured adequate driveway capacity to handle incoming traffic.
  • Signal timing improvements aimed to optimize traffic flow and prioritize pedestrian safety.

This project successfully evaluated the traffic impacts of the new parking garage and provided solutions to ensure smooth traffic flow, improve pedestrian safety, and enhance overall accessibility at Miami Dade College’s Medical Campus.

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