Perimeter Road Modifications at Miami-Dade Aviation Department

Civil Works Projects


Aviation, Drainage, Roadway, Construction Administration


Miami-Dade Aviation Department

Completed Date

2020 - 2022

Construction Budget

$ 17M

Perimeter Road Modifications at Miami-Dade Aviation Department

This project, spanning 1998-2003 and costing $17 million, aimed to enhance accessibility, safety, and efficiency in the department’s premises.

Project goals

  • Improved accessibility: Expanded and relocated canal for smoother traffic flow.
  • Enhanced safety: Implemented storm water plans and obtained environmental permits.
  • Optimized infrastructure: Collaborated with SFWMD, redesigned roadways, and relocated railroad tracks.
  • Upgraded utilities: Installed new waterline and relocated essential utility lines.
  • Improved visibility: Implemented updated highway signalization and lighting.

Final outcome

  • 800 feet of canal relocated and constructed.
  • Storm water plans implemented and permits acquired.
  • 4.2 miles of roads improved.
  • 2700 feet of new 24” waterline installed and utility lines relocated.
  • Improved drainage system and 3800 feet of railroad track relocation.
  • 1700 feet of new 16″ force main installed.
  • Updated signalization and lighting for better navigation.

This project successfully modernized the Perimeter Road and surrounding infrastructure, creating a safer, more accessible, and efficient transportation network.

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