Miami-Dade Aviation Department Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

Civil Works Projects


Airport, Drainage, Transportation, Site Development


Miami Dade Aviation Department

Completed Date

2009 - 2018


$ 1.5M

This project encompassed the planning, design, and documentation for the redevelopment and expansion of Building 702 and its associated hardstand at Miami International Airport (MDAD). The project aimed to optimize cargo operations and accommodate larger aircraft, ultimately enhancing airport capacity and efficiency. It involved three distinct phases:

Project Scope

  • Convert and expand Building 702 and its associated hardstand to accommodate larger aircraft (Phase 1 & 2).
  • Optimize landside space for airside operations by converting the Bldg 719 area (Phase 2).
  • Relocate NW 67 Avenue to improve airside and landside access, and create a future building pad (Phase 2).
  • Relocate the fuel tender facility to accommodate Building 719 demolition (Phase 2).
  • Demolish Cargo building 704 and convert the area into aircraft hardstand, allowing for apron and taxilane upgrades to accommodate ADG VI aircraft (Phase 3).

Project Outcome

  • Expanded and upgraded Building 702 hardstand capable of handling larger aircraft (ADG IV in Phase 2, ADG VI in Phase 3).
  • Optimized landside space for improved cargo handling efficiency.
  • Improved airside and landside access with relocated NW 67 Avenue and future building pad.
  • Relocated fuel tender facility with minimal disruption to operations.
  • Enhanced apron and taxilane infrastructure to meet ADG VI standards.


  • Conceptual Site Plan
  • Phase-specific plans for Building 702 conditions, utilities, grades, and aircraft layout
  • Conceptual pavement markings, demolition plan, drainage plan, grading plan, pavement sections, taxilane lighting, and implementation plan

This project successfully expanded and optimized the MDAD’s cargo handling capabilities at Building 702, positioning them to accommodate larger aircraft and enhance overall operational efficiency.