Jackson Hospital System West Campus

Civil Works Projects


Water/Wastewater, Traffic Engineering


Perkins & Will

Project Dates

2016 - 2022

Project Budget

$ 100M

Civil Works, Inc. (CWI) provided civil, environmental, and traffic engineering services for a new 100-bed hospital, a 60,000-square-foot medical office building, and a parking garage at 7800 NW 29th Street in Doral, Florida, for Jackson Health System (JHS) as part of the Perkins + Will Design Team. This project included a traffic impact study to assess the effects on nearby roadways and intersections.

Project Goals

  • Determine the number of vehicle trips generated by the new hospital complex.
  • Evaluate potential traffic impacts on surrounding intersections and roadways.
  • Assess traffic flow at the project’s driveways.
  • Identify the need for traffic signal improvements at nearby intersections.

Project Outcome

  • The study determined traffic generated by the hospital would be within acceptable levels for existing roadways, even during peak hours.
  • Minimal traffic delays attributable to the hospital project were found.
  • Most signalized intersections already operated below the City of Doral’s acceptable Level of Service (LOS) criteria, regardless of the hospital project.
  • A new traffic signal was planned for installation at NW 79th Ave and 33rd Street by another party.
  • The study recommended an additional traffic signal be installed at NW 79th Avenue and 29th Street before 2040.
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