Fire Line Service Connection for the Professional Arts Center (PAC) Building

Civil Works Projects


Water/Wastewater, Institutional


Neutralpoint, LLC

Project Date

Dec. 2023 - Jun. 2024 (estimated)


$ 50K

CWI designed and permitted an additional fire line service connection for a multi-story building in Miami. This involved connecting to an existing 12″ water main located on NW 14th Street and obtaining approvals from various authorities.

Project Goals

  • Install a new fire line service connection to the building.
  • Connect the fire line to the existing 12″ water main on NW 14th Street.
  • Obtain all necessary permits from Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department, Department of Health, Fire Department, City of Miami Public Works, and DERM.
  • Ensure the fire line complies with all relevant codes and regulations.
  • Restore the NW 14th Street roadway after installation.
  • Address potential conflicts with existing utilities by acquiring their locations and incorporating them into the design.

Project Outcome

  • A new fire line service connection is installed, providing the building with an additional water source for fire protection.
  • The fire line is connected to the existing 12″ water main, ensuring sufficient water supply.
  • All required permits are obtained from relevant authorities.
  • The fire line complies with all applicable codes and regulations.
  • The NW 14th Street roadway is restored to its original condition.

Additional Notes

  • The project involved locating existing utilities in NW 14th Street to avoid conflicts with the new fire line.
  • CWI prepared detailed plans and specifications for the fire line, including backflow prevention measures.