SR-A1A/Collins Ave. Rehabilitation and Multimodal Enhancements

Civil Works Projects


Transportation, Environmental, Drainage



Completed Date

2020 - 2023

Project Budget

$ 3.1M

This project focused on improving a 1-mile stretch of SR-A1A/Collins Ave. in Miami Beach, Florida, from 26 St. to 44 St., with a budget of $3.1 million.

Project goals

Our adaptive approach ensures your ideas are realized in lasting solutions that empower communities for the future.

  • Enhance the overall condition and drivability of the roadway surface through milling and resurfacing.
  • Improve drainage infrastructure to prevent flooding and water damage.
  • Address cross-slope issues for better water runoff and vehicle stability by proposing overbuild.
  • Increase safety for cyclists with the addition of protected, buffered bike lanes.
  • Ensure accessibility for pedestrians and individuals with disabilities with ADA-compliant upgrades.
  • Improve traffic flow and intersection functionality with eight signal upgrades.
  • Increase safety and visibility with light pole relocations.
  • Enhance pedestrian safety with crosswalk improvements.

Final outcome

Your vision becomes reality, resulting in sustainable solutions that benefit communities for generations to come.

  • A smoother, safer, and more accessible roadway for all users.
  • Improved drainage system for better stormwater management.
  • Enhanced safety for cyclists with dedicated and protected bike lanes.
  • Increased accessibility for pedestrians with ADA-compliant features.
  • Improved traffic flow and reduced congestion at intersections.
  • Enhanced safety measures for both drivers and pedestrians.

Challenges and Solutions: The project faced a critical challenge when the addition of buffered bike lanes was mandated after 90% of construction was completed. To avoid delaying the project and exceeding the budget, CWI deployed additional staff and resources, demonstrating their adaptability and commitment to efficient project completion.

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